Guest Speaking on the “How They Did It” Podcast

“We often don’t want to write something unless it’s good, but it can’t be good until it’s written. So just have fun and WRITE.”

Ohoy podcast lovers! I had the privilege of being on my friend Hannah Josey’s “How They Did It” podcast, a series exploring how professionals entered their field. It’s perfect for high school students surveying possible careers. Give it a listen here. Also check out Hannah Josey’s insta!

In the podcast, we chat about:

  • What inspired me to writing The Summoning when I was 14 years old
  • Insecurities writers face
  • A bit about my time in Germany 
  • How the Lord is a part of the writing process 

Hannah Josey is a super fun host, so I know you’ll love her 🙂

In the meanwhile, what are some of YOUR favorite podcasts? Comment below! 

Photo by Vlada Karpovich

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