We We Love Disney World; How Disney World Reminds Us of the Kingdom

Why You Love Disney World and Why It Matters

Why do people love Disney World? Why do they face the Florida heat, stand in long lines, and fork out exorbitant money?

The answer is simple: people visit Disney World because the park speaks to something deep inside them.

Sister Trip to Disney World!

Earlier this month, my sister and I hopped on a plane to Orlando, Florida for a trip to the happiest place on earth.

“It’s going to be hot,” people warned. (We’re from Alabama; the heat didn’t kill).

“It will be crowded,” they predicted. Yep, it was, and we met people from all over the world.

So What’s All the Hype?

During our travels, we experienced so many kisses from the Lord. We met characters from our favorite stories. (There is something magnetic when a hero locks eyes with you and smiles.) We ate some of the best food we’ve ever tasted. And we rode rides even though they scared us.
So why do people love Disney World?

Disney World Reminds Us of the Kingdom

We love Disney World because it reminds us of what we were made for. Disney taps into humans’ deep longing…
We long for a kingdom. And a good king. We long for the “happiest place on earth.” A place where sorrows are forgotten and excitement is discovered. A place where you feel the rush of adrenaline but also know you’re safe.
A place where the author invites you into a grand story. 

The Magic is Real

Friend, there is such a place.
There is a real King. And He really is good. There is a real kingdom. There is a place where joy is full and life is unending.
Can you imagine heaven? Rubbing shoulders with saints, exchanging hugs, falling at the feet of Jesus is awe and exhilaration?
Imagine a place where the Hero locks eyes with you and knows you and smiles.
There is a grand story. A story where the dragon is defeated and the Prince gets the girl. Where Good defeats Evil. A story that ends with a Wedding.

There is a happily ever after.
Yes, it’s found in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

And it’s all true.

Some Thank-you’s

A big shout-out to Magical Memories Tours and Travel with Lesley Scott for making this trip happen. I hate logistics, and she handled them beautifully (plus she was super fun).

And thank you Photo by Benjamin Suter for the beautiful cover photo.

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